During the project, the following outcomes will be delivered:

1) State of the art gender and diversity sensitive educational and counseling methods
This output will be the result of parallel work in the different partner organizations, who will– based on a common format – collect information concerning methodologies in use in the different countries and identify good or promising practices relevant for the project that could be further presented and discussed during the study visits that will take place in the different partner countries. Aim of this outcome is to give an overview of career guidance and counseling methods in use in the different countries (who provides it, who sign posts users, who is the usual target group, how the target group normally access guidance services etc…) and serve as background document for the training but also give inputs for the adaptation of the training session.
The results will be published as a book (print and e-book)

2) Gender and diversity sensitive career guidance and counseling for migrants: teaching programme and material.
This output will include a teaching programme as well as training material for the two days training workshops that staff from beramì will deliver to staff of partner organizations. The contents will be based on the training “Gender- und diversitysensible Bildungsberatung für Migrantinnen und Migranten“ originally developed as an internal training programme for professionals working in the career counselling services in Germany. The course was developed in German and for German trainees and consisted of six modules. The original programme and contents will be adapted by beramì in order to be used with an international class, thus fitting to different social and economic contexts, and be delivered in English during a two days training session.

3) Catalogue of profile requirements for a gender and culturally sensitive career advising
As a result of project activities, a document will be developed identifying profile requirements for career guidance and counseling for migrants. The document will include a catalogue with quality criteria for professionals working in gender and culturally sensitive career guidance and counselling services.