Progetto Arcobaleno (IT)

logo arcobaleno completo grandeSince 1985, Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus has based its mission on the concept of offering assistance to those in need to support them in their journey towards independence and autonomy. Every year hundreds of immigrants utilize the services of the Association: each person brings with them their culture, resources, opportunities and needs. Our objective is to respond in the most effective way to the needs of others with consideration to both their culture and their abilities. For this reason, our assistance is structured on different levels and is targeted to a wide range of immigrants.

The Association has been authorized by the Prime Minister’s Office to operate in the areas of immigration and human trafficking since 2000.

Contact details:

Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno onlus
Via del Leone 9 Firenze
tel 055288150 – fax 055289205
Facebook: associazione progetto arcobaleno
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Arianna Donati:
Tiziana Chiappelli:

The staff

Arianna Donati is graduated in Sciences of Education as Professional Educator and works for Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus since 1999. She is a social operator and she works in the immigration field in project related to social reintegration of victims of human trafficking, sexual and work exploitation. She has a long experience in vocational counselling of migrants, particularly of victims of human trafficking, vulnerable women and single mothers and disadvantaged persons. She is an expert in services of work orientation and mentoring and mediation between disadvantaged people and companies. She has developed the Capacity Building training program in the project HOME / 2012 / EIXF / CA / CFP / 4218 (Parti GE.MI).
For twenty years she is also engaged in teaching archery to all ages able-bodied people and people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities. She is a FIARC (Italian Federation Field Archers) National Instructor and also IFAA (International Field Archery Association) Level Two Instructor. In archery field she is also committed to the trainers and managers training. Since 2005 she started using archery as a sport for outdoor training. In the project Parti Ge.Mi. she used archery as a supervision tool of the objectives of the project and training of participants.

Sabrina Mangani is graduated in Italian Literature, she holds a master's degree in Political Governance at the University of Pisa, and a postgraduate course in europlanning at the University of Florence. She has worked for Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno onlus since 2006, cooperating in the planning and implementation of projects, linked to marginality, integration and social development. She is responsible for economic management and coordination of funded projects (expecially ESF and EIF national and EU fund). Since 2012 she is responsible for coordinating and projects related to adult disability in non-profit association Associazione per Crescere Insieme onlus. For over 15 years she has been engaged in teaching karate shotokan at ASD Shin Kan Kan, of which she is president.

Tiziana Chiappelli. is Director of Training and Project Planning, Management, Monitoring and Quality Evaluation sector of Associazione Progetto Arcobaleno Onlus (Certified Training Agency ). PhD in Qualità della Formazione (University of Florence) and in Theorie et Pratique du Sens (University of Paris VIII), since 2004 has worked for the Department of Educational Sciences and Psychology of the University of Florence Her research work has involved national and international projects. As an experienced researcher, she has mainly investigated the processes of socio-cultural inclusion and exclusion of minorities, with focus on migrants, gender and cultural differences, educational systems and active citizenship processes. She has been researching in many European and non European countries. Her areas of interests include Northern Africa and Ivory Coast (democratization processes through education and social and female movements) and Latin America (management of cultural diversity, formal and informal educational processes). She is the author of many essays on her areas of interests, as well as member of scientific committees and international conferences, such as the International Humanities Studies Journal; ScieConf, Religioni e Società.