WWWThe Association for Legal Intervention (Stowarzyszenie Interwencji Prawnej – SIP) is a Polish nongovernmental organization established in 2005 which mission is to ensure social cohesion by promoting equality of all people before the law. Our target groups: migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, prisoners, foster families, elderly people. Our core activities: provision of legal and social counselling in individual cases and representing clients in courts and in front of administrative bodies (thus initiating strategic litigation). We also implement educational programs for professionals and groups of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds concerning their rights and duties. We conduct research, publish and monitor the application of the law and participates in civil society consultations to influence the state policies.

SIP has 10 years experience in interdisciplinary councelling for migrants – we provide legal and integration counselling to all foreigners, including voluntary migrants as well as forced migrants – asylum seekers, recognized refugees and migrants with subsidiary protection – and undocumented migrants. We represent our clients during the administrative procedures and help them to integrate into Polish society. We intervene when foreigners’ rights are violated and fight against discriminatory regulations and practices. Among our clients there are also migrant women victims of gender-based violence. We do our best to guarantee them multidisciplinary assistance: lawyers closly cooperate with the integration/intercultural counsellor and interpreters; we also collaborate with public institutions and other NGOs.

We run the Voluntary Center, where volunteers help asylum seekers and refugees with translations/ interpreting in daily situations, mostly during medical visits.
We conduct research and educational projects, aimed at increasing the awareness of Poles concerning migration and the presence of foreigners in our society. We have experience in workshops for police, teachers, social workers and other civil servants working with migrants.

We organize trainings for professionals who work or deal with foreigners – police officers, public officers, social workers and teachers.
We publish articles and books concerning cultural and legal aspects of foreigners’ existence in Poland.

Contact details:
ul. Siedmiogrodzka 5 lok. 51
01-204 Warszawa
tel./fax. (+ 48) 22 621 51 65

The staff

Aleksandra Chrzanowska
graduated of Cultural Studies at Warsaw University (2005, diploma on Cultural identity of the Chechen refugees in Poland). For a year (2005-2006) she worked as an interpreter during the Doctors Without Borders' mission providing psychological assistance to asylum seekers in Poland. Presently she is a board member and coordinator of the Foreigners Division of the Association for Legal Intervention, working with forced migrants as integration/intercultural counsellor, as well as projects coordinator. Author of a number of publications on migrants' integration and cross-culturality. In 2015 she received the J. Zimowski award granted by the Institute of Public Affairs Foundation for activities supporting social groups facing extreme hardship, refugees and other migrants in particular.

Ewa Grzegrzółka
Cultural psychology graduate. Interested in human and animal rights. Project coordinator and client adviser in the Information Center for Foreigners in Association for Legal Intervention.

Katarzyna Słubik
Law graduate. Legal expert and project coordinator in the Association for Legal intervention. Specialises in migration law, gender-based violence and hate crimes.