logoFundSURT_colorSURT is a non-profit foundation made up of 95% women, that has worked with women and for women since 1993.
We aim to be a transformational project, committed to the values of gender equality, inclusion, solidarity and social transformation.

• Gender equality: we’re committed to defending women’s economic, social and cultural rights.
• Inclusion in society and the workplace: we aim for equal rights and opportunities, especially for women who are vulnerable or socially excluded.
• Cultural diversity: this is essential to our organizational model because it enriches society and individuals.
• Participation: in managing our organization, we adopt systems that incorporate gender equality and social inclusion.
• Responsibility and coherency: we aim for a transparent, socially responsible and ethical management system.

Our activities are aimed at modifying the socioeconomically subordinate position of women and to end the discrimination they suffer:

• We promote the empowerment of women, their autonomy and leadership in different areas;
• We encourage quality employment opportunities without discrimination;
• We raise awareness of the discrimination that defines the way women participate in society and the economy, especially in the workplace;
• We carry out actions aimed at fostering respect for cultural diversity and the defense of women’s rights as citizens.

Contact details:
Name of the organisation: SURT Women’s Foundation
Address: C/ Guàrdia 14 baixos
08001 Barcelona
Telephone: +34 933428380

The staff

Ms Josefina Rubio is President and director of the Surt Foundation. She is B.A. in Social and Cultural Anthropology, M.A. on Women’s, Gender and Citizenship Studies and M.A. European expert on training. She has extensive experience as a project manager of European research projects on issues such as the labour situation and training needs of women and key competences. She has published extensively on gender inequalities in the labour market and competence development of women.

Ms Mar Camarasa is head of the SURT Research and Innovation Area. She graduated in Political Science (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) and holds an MRes in Research in European Social Policy (University of Bath, UK). In SURT she has coordinated several European research projects on the issues of migration, competences, youth, gender policies, social exclusion and violence against women.

Ms Laura Sales is a researcher at the SURT Research and Innovation Area. She holds a B.A. in Spanish and English and an M.A. in Gender, Women’s and Citizenship Studies. In Surt, she has participated as a researcher in several projects at a European and regional level, focusing on the gender analysis of migration, competencies, social exclusion, violence against women and trafficking.

Ms Josefina Valdivia is a financial officer at the SURT Foundation. She is responsible of the financial justification of the different programs and projects carried out by the Foundation, financed by public and private organizations, at local, regional and EU levels. She has financially coordinated and justified several EU projects financed by the Daphne and LLP programmes.